A sweet reminder for why big government isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is—there are benefits to having a government that believes in the responsibility it owes to those it governs. Our votes count for something, and once we vote, we have a right to demand accountability–please go out and Rock the vote. I can’t vote in this country, because they just don’t think i am cool enough and say “eh” after every sentence –but I remember turning 18 and being able to vote in Canada, i have not missed an election since then—THIS IS YOUR RIGHT–please go and exercise it—your work/school SHOULD and WILL give you time off to go vote–
I just lost everything during Sandy, I am crashing at a friend’s place, and before my insurance gave a crap about me, FEMA (federally funded) came out to inspect. True leadership shines through in moments of crisis. No matter how you vote, just remember it has implications on how life will be at least for the next 4 years. Don’t take this right for granted. If I could vote in this country, I would be there making it rock. Yes, the political process sucks, yes there isn’t really any drastically different choices, but at least we HAVE a choice. There are places in the world where people are fighting with their lives to have the right to vote, to say that we live in a democracy. Democracy is what allows us the ability to crib about our government, other countries can’t even do that because they could potentially get shot in the head. You can’t complain, if you aren’t proactive enough in electing your representatives and you let others take control of the reigns of your future. We CAN have a voice, but in order to have a voice, we need to respect and honor the right that has been granted to us in a democratic society…

VOTE TODAY—-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!