This IS Pakistan

jeb bakri


The Pakistan in my memory, the Pakistan in my soul, the Pakistan we all yearn for.. Safety and happiness and lots of food

photo Credits-Dr. Aamenah Malik

Jashan e baharaan, the festival of spring, sprung in the beautiful city of Lahore. The people of Lahore came out of their homes to enjoy the bounties that are a gift of spring. I saw a picture gallery on a friend’s facebook and I saw a Pakistan beyond the headlines. There was no hint of sadness, no news of deaths, no bloodshed, no word of corruption, but a simplistic scene of bliss.  A Pakistan that seems to flourish despite all odds piled high up against her and her people. Somehow, the people of Pakistan have learnt to survive, smile, laugh and enjoy life.  Somehow they have let their spirits soar.  This shows the true fortitude of the nation of Pakistan.  The brave, ordinary citizens of Pakistan have been wronged for far too long by their insincere leaders. These leaders have done everything in their power to bankrupt the country, but they have forgotten the resilience of the citizens of this nation. They have squandered the resources of Pakistan in the absolute worse way possible, they have done everything to destroy the will of Pakistanis to live and survive, and they have failed time and time again at thrashing that survival instinct of Pakistanis.

Today is the last day to register your votes Pakistan! You have suffered far too long, you have waited for more than 6 decades at a chance at democracy, you have seen a constant flip flop of the faces of the same leaders, it is time you take reign of your own destiny. It is time you exercise your right for the Pakistan YOU wish to live in, the Pakistan you wish for your children, the Pakistan I know your souls yearn for, because it is the same Pakistan I dream of every day. please register your votes, and make history of your sufferance, so no leader can DARE to ever take what is rightfully yours… OUR Pakistan, for today, for tomorrow, forever!!!

Perhaps Pakistan continues to survive because of the golden words of its founder Quaid e Azam: “Nation states are not built in one day”


Translation ” Nation states are NOT built in a day”

“You cannot suddenly create a new universe. For the acquisition of freedom, you have to go through the process of action. You will have to cross through a river of fire, trials and paths of sacrifice. Do not lose hope. Nation states are not built in a day, but just like we are  on the move, we must step up such that we are heading in the direction of progress. Read and understand the facts, analyze them and then build your decisions.

At Calcutta University- August 21st, 1936.

Let me hear you roar!

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