Love-in Istanbul!

Istanbul, the ultimate city of love…the love of the Lord, the Love of the beloved, the Love of the world, the love of all…sitting here on a late Saturday night, listening to the sounds of the music that are penetrating through the very air that resonate five times with the sound of the Adhaan (prayer call)…can’t help but be inspired especially after a day with Rumi at the Galata Mevlevihanesi (Museum of Divan Literature-Divan Edebiyat Müzesi). 

Love–in Istanbul

Love is which makes you soar

even when you don’t have wings

It is what makes you rise

when all you feel is fallen

Love, is which makes you wanted

even when you stand out like a sore thumb

It is the acceptance of one soul

of another….

forever eternally complete

Yes, it is love indeed

that makes you weep



all in one night

It is the contentment of the soul

the peace that stirs the seven seas

when the laughter of your beloved

is reason enough…

Love won’t mock,

won’t criticize

It will just let you be

Love is freedom

the freedom to be

the freedom to live

the freedom to soar

yes, even when you don’t have wings….


Especially, when you DON’T have wings


Let me hear you roar!

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