From my heart to Istanbul


this picture quite aptly sums up to me the essence of Istanbul-

Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

We just got back today from beautiful Istanbul. Landed in London, from 23 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees, needless to say my body, nor I were too excited about this dramatic temperature drop. Luckily, sunny skies greeted us and not the perpetual rain. I have been struck by my usual post-travels depression bouts, then again who wouldn’t be if they were returning from the beautiful, soulful, and cultural city of Istanbul to this comparatively bland city of London.

I saw many things, learnt an even more about the Turkish history, fell in love with the city, and the people. I can go on and on about the amazing food, but all I know is that I have left a big chunk of my heart in that city. I have a lot to say about Istanbul and share my experience, and I will in the coming days.

Istanbul definitely is a unique city and MUST be experienced at least once in your life. But, if you are anything like me, you know your soul will always crave going back there. I feel, my soul may have found a home in Istanbul.

The whole five day experience was absolutely amazing, and it ended with us finding two Turkish friends towards the tail end, but I hope that we can keep in touch with them through the years and only build a stronger bond.

Now, off to bed, but will come back with more to say, pictures to share and tips for other travelers out there.


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