Election 2013: Straight up truth!!!

Election 2013: The straight up truth!



May 11th is here. The day we have all eagerly waited for a long time. Pakistan has swung between being a pseudo-democracy to being under military regime.

Fact: Almost all Pakistanis hate Zardari , but the truth is that the man has made history. He was a known thug, Mr. 10%, but despite that he not only became the president of the nation, but his elected government is the only one to have completed their entire tenure of 5 years without a military coup. On the surface that seems like a bad historical record, but the reality is, that is the step in the right direction. This is the FIRST TIME in Pakistan’s history that a democratically government is going to be handed over through the process of democracy, rather than a military coup.

Fact: Musharraf’s missteps and people’s dissatisfaction with his eleven year rule had led to the stirrings of a revolution. Add the mishandling of the Red Mosque, and the firing of the Chief Justice, this spelled out disastrous for the military dictator. Imran Khan and the lawyers were in the lead to fight for a free and just judicial system. The lawyers movement proved to be potent and led to the removal of Musharraf as President. Musharraf’s last few months brought shame to Pakistani Army, and the post Musharaf era led the Army to take a backseat for the first time in Pakistan’s history.

Fact: Army taking a step back from the political process proved to be a catalyst in the completion of Zardari’s 5 year regime of tyranny, corruption and looting the nation of all its resources.

Fact: Zardari’s tenure was the needed ingredient to push Pakistan and Pakistanis to the threshold of helplessness.  This stirred the nation enough and feeling helpless was no longer an option.

Fact: This proved to be the perfect environment for a Messiah to rise. The Phoenix, by the name of Imran Khan took the nation by a Tsunami. Youth, adults, elderly, and women, all said enough is enough and have become a force behind Khan.

Fact: Imran’s ideological stance for which he has been mocked for the past 17 years has appealed to the masses, so much so that they woke up early morning on May 11th, 2013 to go out and vote for change.

For a nation to be mobilized the way Pakistan has been in the past two years, and more so in the past few months all because of the words and leadership of one man says something about that man, and also about that nation.  The man has earned people’s respect through his record of honesty and accomplishing his goals. This proves that given the right set of conditions and the right leadership, Pakistan’s otherwise apathetic nation can be galvanized into a force to be reckoned with. This is the resilience of Pakistanis.

Fact: thousands and thousands of voters showed up to their polling stations to vote despite threats to their lives by the extremists. Despite bomb attacks in Peshawar, firing in Karachi, delays in allowing people to vote and stopping women from voting, people have not given up.


Fact: Karachi has always been a forced MQM majority and despite all tactics being used to limit the people of Karachi from voting, Karachi is standing firm and refusing to let go. They are fighting for their right to vote.



Whether anyone believes it or not change has indeed come. This is probably the highest turn out of voters in the history of Pakistan (we will get the final numbers by tomorrow to call it fact). All of these are signs of a nation awaken. Irrespective of what the results are, the greatest feat for the people of Pakistanis is to have seen what they are capable of if they put their minds to it. This is a great example that we as a nation are not useless, hopeless or worthless. No matter what the results tomorrow Pakistan, a new Pakistan is definitely in the making. Realize the power that is you and never let anyone oppress you again. In my prayers, in my thoughts, in my heart forever and always Pakistan!!!


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