Ramadan Mubarak -unless you are in Guantanamo


Yasin Bey (Mos Def) going through the painful Guantanamo Bay forced feeding procedure.

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us. Many of us are busy planning how we will go through this Ramadan. Many of us are worried about the scorching summer heat, looking up ways to remain hydrated throughout the day, and planning meals or feasts to end the fast at sunset. For many of us, Ramadan is a time for the whole family to come together and enjoy yummy delicacies, to thank Allah for his bounties, to be steadfast, more mindful of our prayers, spend our nights standing in Taraweeh, waking up early morning to eat Sahoor. Overall, it is a month of Happiness for most Muslims, despite the  physical difficulty of hunger and thirst. However, the sad reality is that this Ramadan of 2013 (1434) perhaps is not a month of happiness for many around.

I just watched a bone-chilling video of Yasin Bey (Mos def) voluntarily undergoing the Force feeding practice at Guantanamo Bay of the Muslim prisoners there. I cried watching that video. My heart wept seeing a fellow human being in that sort of agonizing pain. You have read about it, seen many articles on the internet about the hunger strike and the forced feeding, but NOTHING can prepare you for what you will see in this video. If you are weak of heart, please do not click the link


This is a painful procedure to even watch-to undergo it every day, twice a day, is nothing short of pure torture. This is not humane. I have no words. My heart makes a special prayer for the detainees. Many of these men have been cleared for release and proven innocent, yet they have not been released.

Please sign this petition to President Obama to stop this insanity. They are going to continue this procedure in the month of Ramadan. Send a message to Washington to END THIS CRUELTY!!!!!

Let me hear you roar!

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