falling stars


As the night sky lights up

With your bombs and missiles

Miles away I wish upon

A falling star

For every fallen

child of the war in Gaza.

As I breathe freely

While you scramble

For oxygen

I think of the fallen

Child of the war in Gaza.

 When I sleep in peace

At night

I think of

Every fallen child

In the war of Gaza.

The next time you

 wish upon a falling star

Remember it was

Once a child

In the war of Gaza!!!!


Lady in Red During Ramadan



Ask any girl and she would tell you that she would happily trade in these monthly mood swing-inducing, gut-wrenching, nauseous days of bloating for dropping an anvil on her toes. They are not enjoyable for us but happen to be very much a necessary part of the existence of the human race.

There are many euphemisms that we women use to share our plight when that time of the month arrives. These names, shrouded in secrecy are nothing short of covert military operations code names. My most recent discovery was Shark week-aptly termed given the torture, pain and the bloody gory mess involved in being a victim of a shark attack.

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My latest news article on the unique and innovative education model in Canada.

My latest news article on the unique and innovative education model in Canada.

A look at a unique high school education model in British Columbia, Canada. How this new educational model is helping students pursuing religious education, students with special needs, as well as students who wish for more flexibility and achieve more out of their high school education.


iLearnDL: the new age of education


Saima Naz is the Principal of iLearn Distributed LearningiLearn DL is a learning method that provides a vast selection of elective credits at the British Columbia (BC) schools in Canada. iLearn DL system allows students to blend online and traditional classes to personalize their education.

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