My Poetry

May 11th, 2013: 3:59 pm



Tujhse durr saheeh

Per dil ke tu bahut paas hai Pakistan

Teree taraqee kee aas

Mere saath hai Pakistan

Khuwaboon ki duniya main

Umeed ki kiran jaagi hai Pakistan

Aman, aman, aman

Kehtee hai her saans Pakistan

In the Face of Hopelessness

I have seen the face of hope
and become hopeless

I have endured patience
only to roam restless

I have enjoyed nights of endless sleep
and now am roasting sleepless

I have been selfish
only to become selfless

I was verbose
and now I am speechless

I have had my strong face and personality
In the crowds of life have become lost and faceless

I have cherished my memories
and passing moments have made them priceless

I have lived a life
and time will make me lifeless!!!

The perpetual dance we do around an open fire

Too much passion
to be non-chalant
to be just an observer
to be aloof

to give no more
to ask for more
the tug of war

the dance around the open fire
the dance we do
a tango of death
of desire
the ashes of wishes

dance dance no more


Let me hear you roar!

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