It is kind of a funny story

I just watched It is kind of a funny story starring Keir Gilchrist, and Zach Galifianakis. It isn’t the typical laugh out loud Galifianakis movie, it is heart-warming, comical, and very human. It showcases the inner workings of the minds of an institutionalized person. The movie beautifully portrays the social outcasts, the weirdos and focuses on just how human they really are. You can’t help but feel for every single character in that movie. They were all once ordinary people, dealing with the daily S*** of life and somehow, somewhere it got too much and they lost it and became “insane”.

The main character in the movie is a teenager going through depression and almost commits suicide. But instead of going through with it, he gets himself admitted into an institution, where he is supposed to stay for the minimum 5 days requirement. During the 5 days, there are new levels of realizations that he achieves. There are activities for the mentally insane to keep them busy. There is arts and crafts, and music. It feels kinder gardenish to sit and draw. But, through those activity classes, Gilchrist realizes how he is amazing at drawing. During music class, everyone grabs an instrument to play and he becomes a vocalist because no instruments were left for him to play. So he sings under pressure. As he sings, the movie gets into his head. He is dressed up as rock star singing, with the rest of the cast is his band. We have all had that feeling at some point in our life; the desire to dress like a social outcast (rockstar) and to be loved for it, to sing from your heart, and dance like no one is watching. I watched the movie and related to each and every character of that movie.  It made me think of the fine balance between sanity and insanity and how any moment the equilibrium of that can slip. It is possible to completely lose sight of all that you have in life, and become too afraid to even get out of bed.

Life doesn’t always give everything to you in a hand basket. You have to work for it. You are given the chance to wake up every morning and have a choice to live, and live you must. The movie touched my heart and made me realize that life is too short to miss out on the smell of the roses, that it is too short to miss out on happiness:).

Release your inner rockstar!! Happy Saturday everyone!!!